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RELEASE: Border Control

This winter my Instrumental storytelling soundartist work the EP “TACET” Will  be out.

From this one here is one of the tracks called “Border Control”

Thanks for listening .



Video: Where I go when I sleep

One of my friends got cancer and its spread so I wanted to provide comfort and love to her and her family when I wrote this song.
Its a part of the “Rest in acoustic peace album” that I wrote as my spring project in songwriting/Musicproduction and it will be released 2:nd june 2017.
Exept for this and the other full tracks there will also be a instrumental piano/String version of this song.

Fantastic vocalist Nasien is performing.

Video: Where we die

In sweden we break-up with winter today at Walpurgisnight. And for that matter this publication of a break-up song is right on spot.

My second time writing a country take. And with Elliott Sheridan performing its always amazing. Here is the video for the song. Continue reading Video: Where we die