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Music video: Another light at your street

From the upcoming” Not so acoustic anymore!” EP

Here is “Another light at your street” 


Music video: I AM not afraid to die

I AM not afraid to die (Instr version) is based on 7 year old Sydneys story although she is going to die in cancer she is not afraid to die course she is an alien and have to go home to her planet.

There will also be a song with vocals on the Album ” Life on strings april 2018) If you want to do something please support cancer research for example https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/ in her name.


Video:Molly from Tiperrary

I had a friend some years ago and we decided to travelaround Ireland with the goal to hit the town in the “Its a long way to Tipperary”. We traveled by bus and just took random buses to dicover Ireland. It was a fabolous trip. And this is my homage both to that Town, and to the FAWM:ily in 5090 bcourse this is also the first studie produced thing from this years (2017) 50/90 challenge.

Video: Betrayal

I hate being limited. So ‘Betrayal’ means much to me for that and some other reasons. This is why I also asked EzzyA (That draws my covers for both last album and upcoming album) to do a special artsy cover for it.

When I am sad, whe I am happy, angy or in love Hip-hop has been a part of me, listening wise. But to write it, always felt far off. Hip-hop is a art in itself and being normally in the rock, pop, country and folksy -genres I never had the guts to write something for a rapper.
Still I always turn to Hip-hop when I am happy, sad, angry, in love.

So to write this and with great rapper Danny performing I am really proud of this one.
Guys show it some love please.