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RELEASE: Border Control

This winter my Instrumental storytelling soundartist work the EP “TACET” Will  be out.

From this one here is one of the tracks called “Border Control”

Thanks for listening .



Song: Betrayal

This is a very special thing for me to upload. This is why I also asked Ezzy (That draws my covers for both last album and upcoming album) to do a special artsy cover for it.
I am normally in the folkrock/pop, punk genre and since Hip-hop is a art in itself I never had the guts to write something there. Still I always turn to Hip-hop (Listening wise) when I am happy, sad, angry, in love.
So to write this and with great rapper Danny performing I am really proud of this one.
Show it some love guys.

Video: Dad it’s ok to cry

While busking I usually meet a lot of interesting people. Some stays just to play along and some just to have a chat. Some never gets listend to.

Some peoples stories get stuck in my head. This was such a storie. I met the guy while playing in a park this spring. Could not stop thinking about it. His story had to be told.

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Video: Where we die

In sweden we break-up with winter today at Walpurgisnight. And for that matter this publication of a break-up song is right on spot.

My second time writing a country take. And with Elliott Sheridan performing its always amazing. Here is the video for the song. Continue reading Video: Where we die

Song: Wake up

This is for skirmish 55 (1 song inone hour) but I had to redo my entry for this. Since  last night I had the picture in my head of the little dead boy  at the beach from last year. And this morning I had to get it out. I had a little play with effects to.