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RELEASE: Ich Verstecke Mich

If you thought the ukulele is just for happy -party events … get in here and listen to the latest release: Ich verstecke mich



The song is also on itunes, google and deezer if you don’t have Spotify



Challenge entry: Let me walk away

The things I love the most within the music business is the Creation phase. Of course that could be anything from the first crumbling chords or sentence of a song till the creation of the whole song in the DAW.  And I can not really chose among those but I have one that is slightly even more appealing. And that is when I do songwriting challenges. It could be the one-hour-from-prompt-to-recorded- skirmish or like this one that we had on the Songwriters Inn today.    It’s improvised performance and lyrics 1 verse and one chorus . Funny Challenge since I can combine Improvisation theater with songwriting and those are the things I love most 🙂     This is my entry for the Topline challenge at Songwriters Inn and I do think its pretty ok for being made on the spot.