Hey little girl performed by Peter Murphy

Since I study songwriting/Soundartist nothing makes me more happy than when somebody else perform my songs. This is “Hey little girl” written by me, performed by Peter Murphy from Northampton UK.

Feel free to shout out if you also want to collab.


Releases 2017

5bca39ef-8c89-416a-87e1-54e1e8e6b465-1625-000002448306bdc5Album: Black Fallen Angel October 2017

Single releases :

Official acoustic version of: Hunger for me – Out now

Official acoustic version of: You were my hero – Out now
Official  acoustic version of: The Busker –  Out now

Official  acoustic version of: Seaweed –   Out now

Official  acoustic version of: Harbour whore –   2017

Official  acoustic version of: Black Fallen angel (Singel) –   2017

More to be announced may 2017

Music is not supposed to be nice – It´s supposed to make you feel something!