Review: Kissing Spiders

” This is an unpredictable fusion of talents and energy, bringing together two of 2018’s most unique artists, resulting in a project that’s on some other level entirely.”


“It feels intimate and honest. It’s interesting to hear the two artists – who seem so very different from one another – access the same moment of artistry. I’ll be checking back in with this project more than a few times in the near future, for sure. This is creativity at its most freely meandering and thoughtful.”

This is an absolutely fabulous review of mine Pete Murphy’s album “Kissing Spiders” Thank you Rebecca.

Rebecca Cullen from Stereo Stickman gave me and Pete Murphy  an absolutely fabulous Review of our album Kissing Spiders. Thank you

Read it here 


Upcoming: Mackan å mörkret

I will have the honor to work with the fabulous Marcus Mittilä on an Swedish only EP project this winter. The project will go under the name Mackan å mörkret!

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RELEASE: Suicide awareness EP

The suicide awareness EP where the money will be given to the suicide Zero organization is here.

Written together with two great lyricists @cindy Prince and @Elizabeth Petty.

It’s out on all plattforms (BC link below) . The intention of the songs is to make you talk about it!

Cuz the only way to find out if anyone thinks about suicide is asking about it. It may feel difficult, but remember it’s better to face it than having to face the grief at a funeral

Turn the amps to 11 and put it on repeat!

The after party soundart project

Sound art is not only the people behind the movie sound fx. Sound art is to create space and sound in life to change the ambience of a room and to make you feel.

Mission: Change ambience in a room

Here is my art project “After party leftovers” Where I asked people to give me what they had found when they cleaned up after a party.

I got:
300 capsules , 12 cans, 120 ice cream sticks, 7 lipsticks
11 uneven earrings , 5 uneven gloves
1 soccer ticket 1 shoe, 1 pair of sunglasses, 4 travel cards,
3 guitar pics and  1 bracelet.

I used 34 old guitar strings to hang the things up in a room and then asked people to enter and walk around while I recorded.

Here is how it turned out:

Music is not supposed to be nice – It´s supposed to make you feel something!