2018 – released albums

TACET – Instrumental storytelling

Mörkrets trubadur – Swedish acoustic storytelling

  • Out of this hell (Ep  with lyricist Elizabeth Petty and Cindy Prince)

  • A little afraid  (Soft punk rock with a touch of metal)

  • Inte så j**la soft (Swedish punk) 2018

  • Not so acoustic anymore (Poprock meats metal EP) 

  • I AM …                        (Instrumental ) BC only

  • Ghosts of FAWM       (Lo-fi- storytelling) BC only

  • Stories of the Glen (storytelling) Collaboration album with Bill White  BC only

  • Life on Strings (semi-acoustic Swedish )BC only

  • FAWM-ily nightmares (horror) BC only

  • ECHO  (horror) Lyrics: Cindy Prince BC only

  • At the end of your street (singer-songwriter) BC only

2017 Albums

  • Anxiously awaiting (Instrumental ambient)

Spotify link

  • Rest in Acoustic Peace  Bandcamp/Soundcloud

    (Feat. 8 artist ) 2017

  • Silence (Instrumental )



Also lyricist at the following Albums

  • Tales of Midnight (Artist performance: Bill White) 2017
  • Shades (dark ballads EP) 2017

   Music/performance Bill White


Music is not supposed to be nice – It´s supposed to make you feel something!

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