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Finally my finals are up and I am releasing my Soundart EP TACET.

Silence is one of the most important things in music. Without silence we would not be able to recognize the important sounds. TACET (in musical terms)  indicates that a voice or instrument is silent.

I wanted to use that metaphor to raise the voice of the silent.The ones running away from war. I do not think I have ever been so political in my music before and of course I Hope you like it.



Music video: The lighthouse guy

In 2019 the  nextalbum vill take you to Headless soldier bay where you meet all the charachters in that little forgotten and forsaken town. Let the Lighthoue guard guide you inside in song number 3 : The lighhouse guy

RELEASE: A little afraid (Album)

Today my solo-album “A little afraid ” hit the stores.

Featuring some great lyricists

Pavel Artioukh on Magic

Nate Gerry on Death Becomes her

and John Nicholson on The Wind


It’s in all stores but if you don’t have spotify/Itunes etc: here is the bandcamp-link