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Music video: Prisoners in this dark

In this weeks Trash-to-treasure challenge Andy Getch gave me his trashed lyrics to work on this is how it turned out:



RELEASE: Suicide awareness EP

The suicide awareness EP where the money will be given to the suicide Zero organization is here.

Written together with two great lyricists @cindy Prince and @Elizabeth Petty.

It’s out on all plattforms (BC link below) . The intention of the songs is to make you talk about it!

Cuz the only way to find out if anyone thinks about suicide is asking about it. It may feel difficult, but remember it’s better to face it than having to face the grief at a funeral

Turn the amps to 11 and put it on repeat!

Video: Black Fallen Angel-the introduction

Fantastic introduction to the Black Fallen Angel that will be out in October 2017

Written by: Acousticmaddie

Vocals: Bill White

Video: Jaxzande

Metal intro to Black Fallen Angel

In october my album Black Fallen angel will be released. Let Bill White take you to the forsaken village where Black Fallen Angel and his mistress lives in this metal song written by Acousticmaddie and performed by Bill. Bill also added the intro.