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I got challenged to …

I got a challenged by Ben to write as well as perform my typical style of dark Norse ballad writing but over a rap beat.

Of course I took on the challenge. Here is how it become.


Ambience by: Be_Benjamin

Beats by: Audiobinger

Lyrics, FX and arrangement: Acousticmaddie




Video: Betrayal

I hate being limited. So ‘Betrayal’ means much to me for that and some other reasons. This is why I also asked EzzyA (That draws my covers for both last album and upcoming album) to do a special artsy cover for it.

When I am sad, whe I am happy, angy or in love Hip-hop has been a part of me, listening wise. But to write it, always felt far off. Hip-hop is a art in itself and being normally in the rock, pop, country and folksy -genres I never had the guts to write something for a rapper.
Still I always turn to Hip-hop when I am happy, sad, angry, in love.

So to write this and with great rapper Danny performing I am really proud of this one.
Guys show it some love please.