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I got challenged to …

I got a challenged by Ben to write as well as perform my typical style of dark Norse ballad writing but over a rap beat.

Of course I took on the challenge. Here is how it become.


Ambience by: Be_Benjamin

Beats by: Audiobinger

Lyrics, FX and arrangement: Acousticmaddie




Blog: Lesson learned … distortion

Sometimes you have to learn the hard way.  The most important lesson (And yes I am still learning since I study music) is always be in charge of the recording and set up! I thought I knew that still I forgot that in this case. Have no excuses but instead of  bury myself down I will use it as an example (for myself mostly) of how not to do it 🙂

20180103_210344-e1515010360681.jpgSo since I did not take charge of the recording I ended up with a acoustic guitar/Vox   wave forms look maxed. Continue reading Blog: Lesson learned … distortion