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Music video: Oh Captain

The official music video for the single “Oh Captain” from the upcoming ghost-concept album “Headless soldier bay”



Music video with Gustaf Nilsson

I found his voice duringa Guitar Jam and he is kind enough to let me borrow his voice for my project. This is my amazing colleague Gustaf in They call me death.



The song will be on the EP Porphyria that will be about legends.

EP: Shades

Black Fallen angel was my first song where BillWhite put his vox  on it, then we did many  collabs during this years 50/90. For this album we added our favourites and some new ones.


Reminder that everything you buy from my bandcamp during decemberwill go straight to Swedish homless organisation and declared on thgis site firstweek of january.


“Release: F*ck of Santa

This song ” Fuck of Santa” is for all the children that, like I was, are now forced into the concept of Santa. he concept of Santa claus is among the weirdest thing we can put our children trough.

First of all we warn our children to talk to strangers, especially if the strangers offers,gifts,candy or puppies … Continue reading “Release: F*ck of Santa