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RELEASE: Suicide awareness EP

The suicide awareness EP where the money will be given to the suicide Zero organization is here.

Written together with two great lyricists @cindy Prince and @Elizabeth Petty.

It’s out on all plattforms (BC link below) . The intention of the songs is to make you talk about it!

Cuz the only way to find out if anyone thinks about suicide is asking about it. It may feel difficult, but remember it’s better to face it than having to face the grief at a funeral

Turn the amps to 11 and put it on repeat!


RELEASE: Inte rädd (Sydneys sång)


Sydney was 7 years old and dying in leukemia when she said to her friend: “But I’m not afraid to die because I’m really an alien who has been on earth and I’m going to my planet now.”

The Swedish version is now released on spotify / itunes / deezer mfl. and all income is paid to the childhood cancer fund (streams / purchases are reported on the official website at each STIM quarterly payment)