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Music video: Vara som du

My homage to my dad is this song from the latest album (Swedish acoustic punk) “Mörkrets trubadur”‘. Here is the song “Vara som du” (be like you)



RELEASE: Inte rädd (Sydneys sång)


Sydney was 7 years old and dying in leukemia when she said to her friend: “But I’m not afraid to die because I’m really an alien who has been on earth and I’m going to my planet now.”

The Swedish version is now released on spotify / itunes / deezer mfl. and all income is paid to the childhood cancer fund (streams / purchases are reported on the official website at each STIM quarterly payment)


Upcoming: Suicide awareness EP

” I remember the first time he tried to kill himself. He had painted himself blue in the face and laid down on the track but somebody saved him before the train came. That was the first time he tried. Back then I did not understand the meaning of the blue paint by that time. I wouldn’t until many years later when I understood that blue was the color of depression. I remember how all the grownups constantly told my brother to just “Get over it” or “Get a grip” when he was down. But for someone living with depression it’s not that easy. It’s like you are tied down with invisible ropes and you just can’t!”

He died by a drug overdose years later and for a long time was so mad at him. I did not understand what the darkness inside him did.  Today he is still with me on my guitar as the bird, a swallow, that was our favorite as kids.




Now I am writing the music for what is probably the most important EP this year, to raise awareness about SUICIDE. I do this together with two great lyricists Elisabeth Petty and Cindy Prince, I will make an SUICIDE They will write most of the lyrics but I had to write one for my brother. (It’s the one below)

The intention is not to ask for money (although every stream earning will go to the suicide prevention organization. Rather we want you to talk about it.    #TALKABOUTIT And if you are currently thinking about suicide. There is hel #YOUARENOTALONE #SUICIDEAWARENESS # DEPRESSION #ANXIETY Thanks for listening

And if you do have suicidal thoughts you are not alone  Here are some websites to help you: