Looking for (fluent)spanish male singer

Looking for a spanish singer for the spanish version of my song “The last will” that originally was written and composed for the Rest in acoustic peace album.
You should be male
Native speaking and with good vox
Ifyou dont live in Stockholm or Berlin you need good possibilities to record vox.
Music is already recorded.
Voice sample reqired.
Emailinfo@acousticmaddie.com or comment with link below.

English version here:

Collab (Lo-fi): Insanity in my Veins (Lyrics Cindy Prince)

SCindy ask me to have a go on another set of her fantastic heavy lyrics. She asked me if I thought it was to dark since people have told her that.
But I don’t, since we work with art, its supposed to be felt, to scare, shatter you. Make you cry or make you smile.
These lyrics are absolutely great for storytelling. I might do a full prod of it after the marathon 50/90 is over inseptember.
But here is the acoustic one-take