Acousticmaddie is a soundartist which means she creates new worlds and stories with sound. She  plays several different instruments. and enjoys writing songs on the guitar, ukulele, keyboard, thin whistle, bass, harmonica, or  whatever weird instruments she finds in the attic. She looks at music and musicianship as art and has an urge to make people feel both with her lyrics and compositions.

Spring 2018 she released two solo EP A swedish punkrock “Inte så J**la” Soft  and asoftrock “Not so acoustic anymore”

Listen on  spotify on this SPOTIFY link


Many songs are also on bandcamp and on Youtube

You can read about the releases under “Upcoming releases” or on her Facebook.

Acousticmaddie gets her inspiration from every corner she pass, a dialogue at the bus aswell as your dreams. She also writes a lot of lyrics and love to collab. She studies songwriting and soundart and her focus is folklore and storytelling and she likes to experiment with voices and make the guitar sound weird.

She is working both on traditional music for upcoming shows and also other kinds of creations of music. Summer 2016 her song “Leksaksgubben” was in the finals at a folkmusik fest in southern Sweden.

If you are a singer and want to collab don´t hesitate to contact at info(a)acousticmaddie.com


Contact and booking:

Mail: acousticmaddie(a)gmail.com

Management Chris: booking@acousticmaddie.com


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Music is not supposed to be nice – It´s supposed to make you feel something!

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